PBadda | Online Friends Maker
How to Write Short Code

wel*=You are welcome to our PB Family

wb*=Welcome Back

gm*=Good Morning

ga*=Good Afternoon

ge*=Good Evening

gn*=Good Night

bye*=Bye All

hru*=How Are You?

tha*=Thank You



lol*=Laughing Out Loudly

brb*=Be Right Back

omg*=Oh! My God

tc*=Take Care

salam*=Assalamu Alaikum

walai*=Walaikum Assalam

hmd*=Happy Mothers Day

hfd*=Happy Friendship Day

hbd*=Happy Birthday Day

hny*=Happy New Year

hvd*=Happy Valentines Day

eid*=Eid Mubarak

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