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Registration Help:

1. Username: Provide a desire Username. It will be used as your identity. It must be character & number and it should be at least 5 character and maximum 10 character. There will be no space is allowed in Username.

2. Password: Password should be at least 6 character to 10 character. It must be character. Only number(0,1,2......9) and character(a,b,......z) are allowed.

3. Mobile: Please give your Mobile Number it must be at least 11 character Like(+8801754975198), please give a valid phone number. It won't be shown and it will only used for notifying about the news updates or any changes of PBadda and also for the purpose of forget password.

4. Email: Please give a valid Email id. It won't be shown and it will only used for notifying about the registration information of PBadda.

5. Pin: Pin code is as like as security code. You will asked for your pin code if you forget your password & also for retrieving password you need your pin code.

6. Referred By: You have to write only registered Username in PBadda, If you find PBadda by Facebook or Google or Twitter then simply write the name of the site. If you have no referrer, then write Pbadda. All name have to be registered by PBADDA.

Forget Password

If you forget your password, then we will ask you Pin code if you able to tell us the right pin code then we will give your Password through Email or send SMS to your Mobile number OR by clicking Forget Password you can retrieve your password..

For More Information Call +8801614886525 (Theboss) or +8801682325750 (Sky)...

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